• Experience the taste of an authentic Japanese yakitori joint
  • Try smokey grilled chicken, with a variety of bits to choose from
  • Have a cold sake, or two, poured from huge issho-bin bottles

It’s your first night in town and you’re not sure you have the energy to go out to dinner? Think again! This city begs to be explored. For a no-fuss initiation, we can’t get enough of Jomon, a short taxi ride away from the Conrad. This neighborhood yakitori joint is run by a genial young staff who make up for their lack of English with great enthusiasm. From Roppongi Crossing, just follow the trail of smoke and laughter and you can’t miss raucous Jomon. Head inside the small wood-clad space, slip off your shoes, then motion for a spot at the counter toward the back or at a table near the open windows so you won’t be downwind of the (very smoky) grill. You’ll be shoulder to shoulder with groups of Japanese friends out for dinner so it’ll be easy to see what to order. And the offerings couldn’t be simpler: all manner of charred chicken bits, beef, pork, seafood, and veggies on skewers (the ingredients are also on display in the refrigerated case in front of you so you can just point to what you want). And plenty of sake, which is poured from giant 1.8-liter issho-bin bottles, and goes down dangerously easily. Just order it cold.

Jomon can be found in Roppongi, opposite the FamilyMart store with the green facade. Located in the Minato region of Tokyo, this is the same area as the Conrad, and only a short taxi ride away.

JOMON: Fujimori Building, 1F, 5-9-17 Roppongi; +81-(0)3-3405-2585