• Sample the best of Tokyo’s meticulously mixed cocktails
  • Unearth the hidden and secret bars around town, with your own personal fixer

As the sun lowers and the skyline slowly illuminates with neon, visitors should do just one thing: hunt down a meticulously mixed cocktail. Fortunately there are many of these in Tokyo, a city where the art of cocktail-making is taken very seriously—from the sculpted ice cubes to the careful balance of the east-west flavors. Want to visit Tokyo’s hidden bars? We suggest you book time with local gastronome Shinji Nohara, a.k.a. “The Tokyo Fixer.” He’s the secret weapon for foodies like Anthony Bourdain and will lead you to tiny “introduction only” bars around town.

An easy walk from the Conrad Tokyo, head out and right, making your way into Ginza - the high fashion centre of the city. Bar High Five is on the corner, opposite where the Ginza Corridor of shops begins; you can recognize these by their dark red awnings.

SHINJI NOHARA: +81-90-3043-8138;